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Build Your dream team, Together.

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Per Placement
(% Fee)

Pay As You Go. You only pay if our search and placement is successful. This is a low risk approach towards securing talent. This is perfect to fill mid to upper-level positions. 

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Strategic Search
(% Fee)

aka Search or Executive. This is the best option for key positions that are urgent and will have a lasting impact. This is a full court press to completing the search. Many clients choose this option when time, complexity, impact, and confidentiality are critical. Strategic search recruiting represents a commitment from both sides towards filling a critical open role.

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On-Demand Recruitment
(Monthly Flat Fee)

Subscribe.  Our on-demand recruiting is a flexible option. At your disposal is a full-cycle recruiter on all things recruitment.  We can help you with candidate sourcing, interviews, and offers without adding to your headcount. We are extension of your in-house team. 


Our paths crossed and we wanted to help build great companies beyond ours. Our team has hands-on experience working for corporate, field operations, and talent search firm organizations. We understand business. 

We are multi-lingual professionals that have experience working with global talent from week old start-ups, to 100 year old established companies, and everything in between.  We currently speak Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and French. We are all unique and love food.

We thrive on the win-win-win moments created when we match the greatest talent with the greatest companies.  There is no better feeling than this. For us, the candidate, and our clients.  We live for these GOAT moments! 

We are the greatest recruiting and talent advisory firm based in California. We are GOATs!


Over the phone or online

If you're talented and looking for a job, contact us here:

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If you're looking for talent, contact us here:

Thanks for submitting!

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